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Make a Floating Compass

The compass was one of the greatest inventions. Explorers were able to tell in which direction they were traveling. It made charting maps easier. Simple compasses have been in use for thousands of years. Follow these directions to make your own floating compass.

What you need:

  • Nail
  • Cork
  • Small magnet

  • What you do:
  • 1. Put the nail through the middle of the cork. Make sure the nail is sticking out on both ends of the cork.
  • 2. Pull the magnet across the sharp end of the nail, rubbing in the same direction, several times. Rub at least 20 times. Do not rub the magnet back and forth, rub in one direction only.
     3. Drop the cork in the water.
     4. Watch it bob around; when it stops the nail will be pointing north. If you spin it around it will come back to north.

    Other Activities:
     1. Using a compass chart a map around your house or school room.
     2. Read a book on explorers.
  • 3. On a map mark the North and South Poles


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