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Let's Explore Ancient Mesopotamia - Online Class for Homeschooling

The Ancient Mesopotamia cultures were an amazing people! So may of the wonderful things we have today, such as the wheel, were invented in Sumer. Please join us as we look at the era of Ancient Mesopotamia. There will be lots of information, hands-on activities, printables, worksheets, crafts and cooking.

This is an ongoing class and you can join at anytime.

Here is the class syllabus:

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Ancient Egypt– Getting Started 

Lesson 2 – Pharaohs                                              

Lesson 3 – Queens

Lesson 4 – Pyramids

Lesson 5 – Religion

Lesson 6 – Mummies

Lesson 7 – Scribes & Craftsmen

Lesson 8 – Hieroglyphics

Lesson 9 – Egyptian Jewelry

Lesson 10 – Home Life

Lesson 11 - Kids & Games

Lesson 12 - Work Life

Lesson 13 - Farming

Lesson 14 - Science & Medicine

Lesson 15 - Land of Egypt

Lesson 16 - Egypt and the Bible - Moses

Lesson 17 - Egypt and the Bible - Joseph

Lesson 18 - Famous Egyptians

Lesson 19 - An Egyptian Feast

Lesson 20 - Finishing - Extra books to read - sharing your work

You only need to pay once for all the kids in your homeschool class! You can work at your own pace and one you have posted your finished assignments for each lesson in the class forum then you get the next lesson. When your children have finished the class they get a certificate of achievement.

Ancient Egypt Class $9.99

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