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Where Do Plants Live? - Plant Habitats

Everything that is living needs a home. A plant is a living thing. Plants grow. They need water, sunlight and soil to live and grow properly. For a plant to grow like it is supposed to it needs to live where they can get what they need.

Because there are many different kinds of plants they grow in many different places. The place that a plant lives in is called a habitat. There are many different types of habitats that make a home for plants.

Some plants grow in the hot, dry desert. The desert is a habitat. These plants do not need as much water as other types of plants. Some plants grow in forests or caves that get very little sunlight. This is a special home just made for these types of plants.

Did you know that some plants even grow in water? They grow in lakes, rivers and even the ocean. Take a look around where you live. What type of plants do you see? Is there grass? Trees and flowers? Weeds?


  1. Make a list of all the plants you can find in your backyard. What type of habitats are near your house? Is there a forest, lake or desert?
  2. Read a book about plants.
  3. Make a poster showing at least 10 different plants and the habitat they live in.
  4. Grow a plant. Try growing a Windowsill Garden.
  5. Make a land or water habitat.

Work Sheets:

These worksheets are Adobe PDF files. Simply right click on the link and choose save SAVE AS to save them to your computer. Or double click on them to have them open up in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  1. Plant & Habitat Match  - Answer Key
  2. Plant & Habitat Worksheet

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