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What Conducts Heat - Science Experiment for Kids

Use this lesson to explore which objects are good conductors of heat. Discuss why this is important and what areas you would need it in. Example: You want an emergency blanket to hold heat. Discuss how this can be a safety factor. Example. Metal conducts heat extremely well so you need potholders when cooking with metal pots etc. They heat up quickly too.

Use this worksheet to record your experiment.

You will need:

Cups, mugs or small containers made of different material (ceramic, glass, plastic, etc…)
Hot water in glass measuring cup
Cooking thermometer

What you do:

Place the same amount of hot water into each container. Use the thermometer to keep track of the temp’s of each cup about every 2 - 3 minutes. Decide which material is a better conductor using your findings.

The cups that conduct heat well will stay hotter longer as they absorb the heat from the water. The poor conductors will cool off faster.

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